The idea lifecycle

I tend to have many ideas on a rather regular basis. As such, I’ve become accustomed to what I’m calling The Idea Lifecycle — a process which assists me in managing my ideas.

Inception #

Have ideas? Write them down and think about them. Seriously — after having an idea, take a walk, get some fresh air and contemplate the idea. What excites you about it? How it it unique? Then put it away for a few days. After a few days have passed, if and only if it still excites you, should you move on to the next step.

Internal validation #

An overlooked part of this step is gauging personal interest. Are you passionate about making the idea a reality? Is it truly interesting to you? If you are going to spend time and resources on execution, make sure you’re fully committed.

External validation #

Is the idea worth pursuing? Is it overly obvious? Is it too ambitious (unusual), or not ambitious enough? Get feedback from some of your peers, or better yet, mentors — people who you look up to and trust. Look to people who will be critical of your idea, avoiding those who you expect to just grinfuck you.

Execution #

This can be a multi-step process, and in practice typically never ends. Rather, it’s more of a perpetual path you create and follow until you’re comfortable with the outcome. The execution step is completely up to you, and is what makes having ideas truly worthwhile.


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