One of the things I really like about Svbtle, and one of the reasons I choose to write here is because of the ever so innovative kudos button.

You’re now asking, “did he just use the word ‘innovative’ to describe a voting button?” You bet I did.

Kudos solve a problem that bloggers have had forever. How do you measure your readers’ responses? What differentiates a successful blog post from the rest?

Up until now we have relied on pageviews to tell how successful our posts are. The problem is, pageviews simply aren’t a good way to measure the success of a blog post.

First of all, pageviews simply measure eyeballs. This is useless unless you have some sort of advertisements on your blog. Many people just want some sort of gauge to see how well their blog post did.

Second, pageviews are easy to cheat. For example, if the title of your post is somewhat misleading, you might have tons of people read it — but none of them enjoy it. Or, the link to your post could somehow get spammed all over social networks or something. Sure that’s a lot of eyeballs, but how many of them truly enjoyed reading it?

See, kudos fix this. They provide a simple way for readers to say “I like this”, and for writers to get a sense of how many readers liked their posts. Kudos make pageviews irrelevant, introducing a whole new communication channel between readers and writers. They’re lower friction than an “I liked this!” comment, while still being much more meaningful than a pageview.

Kudos solve a problem that bloggers have forever been faced with, and I would be surprised if the concept doesn’t quickly become ubiquitous.

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